The Journey!


Hi, I don’t know if you guys know or not, but my love for all things creamy and chocolatey started when i saw the dream cream ad. I used to sit in front of my televison and always wished to swim in the cream river. I always had my eyes on the chocolate house. Little did I know that it was going to happen for real.

But, all this while there was one more thing, another artform that I was always so involved in, DANCE, my first love. I am a Bharatanatyam dancer and also a Bollywood dance instructor. Now, I dance a little less than I used to. But back then I wanted to be a professional dancer. Baking was never a full time thing for me, i knew only 1 microwave cake and I used to experiment with that only all the time.

So 6 years back in 2014, where is all started, my parents pushed me to attend a class that I had found in my neighbourhood, can never thank my parents enough for being so supportive for every hobby, passion or interest I wanted to pursue, be it dancing or baking. They pushed me to keep working hard and in every way they are the backbones of Lets Bake Love. My first ever baking class was with Chef Sneha Narang, she is like my elder sister now and I can never thank her enough for whatever she has taught me. Even if it was just 2-3 classes, she was, is and will always be my favourite teacher. I never knew I’d get so involved and interested but ever since I got myself an oven, there was no looking back. I’d spend my entire night gazing at the oven door while cakes were being baked. I clearly remember each and every day. From baking muffins and tarts for my friends in school and for my brother’s colleagues in office to baking for their engagements, weddings and parties, Lets Bake Love has come a long long way. 
Here's a screenshot of my first order that my brother delivered and then posted on his Instagram proudly, he is still my delivery boy and will always be!


Lets Bake Love by sara: First Order dated 22nd July 2014

I started Lets Bake Love when i was 17 years old. I was in school. To be precise I was in class 12, with boards and the entire academic pressure hovering over my head, but deep down inside i just knew what my calling was. I knew what I wanted and all these years I’ve worked really very hard for it. Yes I am a self taught baker. I’ve put in so much love, passion, sweat and tears into this.

I started interning at The Claridges hotel right after school. I remember waking up at 4am in the morning, baking my cakes and frosting them and then getting ready to go for my internship, coming back after a 10 hour shift and again baking for all my orders. However this entire routine followed the next year too when I joined college. I remember spending sleepless days and nights in my kitchen, baking for orders and experimenting. Each and every hour spent in the kitchen and while at work has been so wonderful and fruitful. Every second of my hard work has paid off. When my clients call me and share their experiences with me, and thank me for baking for them, I do a happy dance. And even after 6 years, everytime i get a message i still dance.

Have a look at one of my first Cakes, Ek zamaane mei log mara karte the ispe!

One of the first cakes

I love my work so much. All my cakes and desserts are my babies. Each of them is handcrafted with so much love and passion that you can actually taste all of it in every bite.

Now when I look back, the journey has been so wonderful. All this would have been impossible without my pillars, my family and all my friends. These people have supported me and have made sure that my dreams and goals are fulfilled. Till date my family and my best friends, help me out in every way they can, whether it be procuring raw materials, or packing and delivering my cakes and desserts. They always taught me one thing which I follow till now and I believe that its the most important thing too, No matter what you do in life, just make sure you give in your 10,000% choose your own race, and make sure you are extraordinary. And as my Bollywood brother quotes a film dialogue for me always " Dream dekhna toh basic hota hai, sapno ke bina kisi cheez ka point nahi hota, naa sone ka, naa jaagne ka, naa jeene ka, naa marne ka ". This one thought has been with me since day one. I am and will be forever grateful to each and everyone.


What started as a one woman army, grew into a brand and a team. I never knew I was capable enough to be the boss that I am today. My entire team is my family.

I started at 17, as a home baker and I always wanted a cute little cake paradise and wanted to bake the best cakes in Delhi. I finally got to open my store at the age of 21, my prettiest paradise is going to turn 2 soon. Every day has been a new learning. I still make sure that I learn something new everyday to make myself and the brand a little better than it was the day before.

Just baking the world a better place once cake at a time! All my cakes and desserts are my babies. I really want people to taste the love that i put in my babies. I’d say so far I've been successful in making people taste that love! But I can’t wait till everyone, literally everyone gets to taste it! I am the happiest when people come to me and tell me they love me and my cakes! Thats why I go to bed with a happy heart and a big smile and also wake up with the same heart and smile, working even harder everyday. Every cake and dessert is so special to me, I’ve spent countless hours in making sure that everything that you eat is absolutely perfect. And I really hope that you get to taste all the love and passion I put in my babies.

My entire team is my family, I do not see them as staff members or just people who work with me everyday. They are all the best team mates I would ever ask for. They work so hard each day for a goal I see, for a dream that I see for Lets Bake Love. I am truly blessed with the best. Also on a side note, I am actually a very very cool boss. Unlimited mischiefs and truck loads of food and dessert supplies for my entire team. I make sure that we all sit together and have our lunch and also have lots of fun together everyday. Work is so much fun because we all enjoy our work so much that we put out entire heart and soul to it.

Have a look at my small team getting pampered:
Store1 year

Also, I’d like to thank each one of my customers and followers for the unlimited trust they put into me for all their special days and also for all the unmatchable love, support and blessings. You truly have made me the chef that I am today. Thank you for loving me and Lets Bake Love over all these years and continue loving me and my babies forever. You often tell me that i make the best designer cakes in Delhi, but honestly you are the best family that anyone could have.

I feel so blessed when you guys put in all your efforts and emotions and let me be a part of it. All these years we have made sure that we make your cakes and desserts with the same emotion. As much as every important once in a life time occasion it is for you, its the most important thing for me too. I feel absolutely amazing and privileged when you let me and my cakes be a part of your life long memories. I will forever be grateful to each one of you and I love you all so much.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.